Achol Garang High School Student

The Daughter of a Wounded Veteran Dreams of Becoming a Doctor: Scholarships Help Her Dream Come True

Achol Garang lives with her parents and siblings in a modest home in Bor, South Sudan. She is one year away from completing high school. She dreams of becoming a doctor or nurse. A year ago, achieving her dream seemed hopeless.

School Tuition

In South Sudan, like much of the developing world, students must pay tuition to attend elementary school, secondary school, high school, and university. Despite challenging circumstances, Achol’s family paid her tuition for many years. Her mother sold groceries in the Bor market to pay Achol’s elementary and middle school tuition. Her father, a South Sudanese arm veteran, was discharged from the military without a salary or pension after being wounded in one of the country’s recent wars.

Achol Garang Student Desk

​COVID Closed Businesses and Schools

In 2020, COVID restrictions forced schools and businesses to close. Her mother’s business was impacted and never reopened. When the government reopened schools, Achol could not return. Her mother had no business and no savings to pay her tuition. Her father has no income; he cannot work due to his wartime injuries. With no tuition money, Achol could not attend school.

Achol Awarded a High School Scholarship

Achol’s neighbor, a colleague of Abraham Atem’s, introduced Achol to Mr. Atem. Abraham Atem Foundation (AAF) subsequently awarded Achol a scholarship for a private secondary school in the Bor area. Today Achol is in her third year of high school and is on track to graduate next year. Like many girls sponsored by AAF, Achol dreams of attending college to work in health care.

“I want to be a doctor or a nurse. I want to care for my mother and old people in South Sudan. They suffer a lot. I pray that Abraham and his friends will continue to support us to go to the university.”

Achol Garang
High School Student
Bor, South Sudan

Support the AAF South Sudan Scholarship Fund

Donations to our South Sudan scholarship program help ensure we can pay Achol’s tuition until she becomes a doctor. We receive scholarship requests from countless talented and motivated girls in South Sudan whose families cannot afford school tuition. Achol and her peers are eager to rebuild their young country and bring South Sudan into the 21st Century. South Sudan’s future is in their hands. Every dollar makes a difference.

Achol Garang Student Desk